Football Narrative

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It was a clear and chilly night, but perfect weather for a football game. I was on the field, a very green strong scented field and all I could here was the crowd hooting and hollering and cheering us cyclones on. We were playing a very close game with the Cowboys from Oklahoma State and they came into this game with an undefeated season. Also, they came into this game with supposedly an “easy” win over my team and I. The refs had called our captains to the 50 yard line and they also called OSU’s captain’s to the 50 yard line so that they could figure out who got the ball and which way they would be going. Then all a sudden our captains came a running back and declared, “We get the ball first.” “Come on special teams let 's get a great return,” I yelled. “Don’t worry Jeff we will.” But, with one of the…show more content…
We had played the game and at the end of regulation the score was tied. ”Guys, we have to keep playing as hard as we can, we can’t give up if you guys want to win this,” Coach explained. To start out the first overtime we got the chance to have the ball first, so that meant that we had to do the best we could to try and get a touchdown instead of a field goal. We wanted to score a touchdown because when they get the ball if they don’t want to lose they have to score a touchdown or else we will win. With one play, the crowd, our coach, and our whole team are all excited because of what the offense just did, they scored a touchdown. The only bad thing is the Cowboys answered and we now have to go to yet another overtime, and this time the Cowboys get the ball to start this out. “The ball is in the air and it is intercepted,” the announcer yelled.Once again, I’m in the ball game to hopefully seal the deal with a score. All I can hear now is WOODY, WOODY as we are at the four yard line of Oklahoma State. Then, all of my teammates ran over and tackled me and I knew then and there that we had beaten the 2nd best team in the
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