Forecast For The Future Of Healthcare Case Study

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Jamie Ye Professor Treasurywala Mistry
MGMT 165
9 December 2015 Forecast for the Future of Healthcare
The fate of healthcare in America was sealed when President Obama’s administration passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA). Since its passage as a law, acquisitions and merger activities have surged in the United States with health care systems responding to provisions in the laws for health organizations of community (Vitalari 14). Here is about the forecast of healthcare industry in the United States with relevance to insurers, consumers, providers, health professionals, and the healthcare system itself.
The law specifies and recompense for preventative health care. All American will have access to healthcare, …show more content…

Moreover, the act, in relevance to various Health and Human Services initiatives, such as the Blue Button, will encourage third parties to provide various add-on services, including secure storage of data solutions for personalized health records, APIs and platforms of health that facilitate personalized, mobile devices. Such mandates will probably stimulate innovation in bio-informatics and biometric as regulators aspire to cut Medicare costs via bundled payments and motivate protocolization by providers of care. Protocolization refers to the adoption of evidence-based, standardized and accepted treatment protocols. It is an inherent concept in the ACA and connected incentives for Accountable and Care Organizations (ACOs) and incentivized reimbursement plans in the post-ACA Medicare setting. The consequences of protocolization are reduced discretion for payers, patients and physicians in selecting treatment alternatives, but with increased control over outcomes of treatment and experience of cost. Bundled payment approaches, which embed protocolization, increase transparency into costs, value and outcomes experience for the patient and other parties, thereby improving decision-making of healthcare consumers in decisions regarding health option choices (Vitalari 15). The preference for specific health protocols and treatment options to others will affect the survival of pharmaceutical companies, and motivate improved research and development by such companies to compete. In turn, the quality of care will

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