Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977

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Innocent citizen have been placed in jail for no absolute reason. Everyone should have a fair treatment in court. I ask the United States Congress to please put an end to this. We should have an individual authority that’s loyal to the law and knows the laws by heart, other than a judge, in the proximity of the court. This way, whenever someone blameless is being accused wrongly in the court, the person can acknowledge it and report the incident. No one should be placed in jail without any knowledge or proof of their crime. Citizens of the world are freely walking around, minding their own business. However, what happens when all of a sudden they’re arrested, or they receive a phone call saying that one of their family members is in jail? They would all be confused as to why this occurred.…show more content…
If not, families with innocent acquaintances in custody shall be in despair for as long as the prisoner is in jail. If the court stops this misdemeanor, then everyone shall be saved of being accused mistakenly. Everyone loves their family. Therefore, if they’re locked up for years and years for a crime that they never committed, then the entire family shall be crestfallen. According to, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in 1977 makes it unlawful for a United States citizen, as well as certain foreign issuers of securities, to pay a foreign official in order to obtain business with any person. Thus, if a judge or jury was persuaded or bribed to place you in jail, guilty or not, then that’s simply prejudiced. No one should bribe another to put a faultless citizen in jail. We should all stand together to prevent others from being treated unfairly in

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