Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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In the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelley used distinctive techniques to draw the reader in and find themselves to be similar, as well as dissimilar, to characters in at least one way. Shelley knew how to tie some characters together, even if they seemed to be complete opposites. Victor contrasted with the monster he created is one of the most prominent examples of her work. Throughout the book, some similarities and differences between the Victor and the monster consist of their relations to nature, desire for family, the reactions of those around them, and as well as their reactions to difficult situations. Frankenstein is beautifully written and deserves all the recognition it receives. One way that Victor and the monster are similar …show more content…

While Victor has family by blood, he isn’t remarkably close to any of them. Victor is a man of focus, compelled to grasp at any knowledge he can in his reach; Frankenstein doesn’t have much time to spend building social skills in order to interact with family and friends. On the other hand, the monster, since man made, has no blood family. At first, the monster just wants to learn about the human race and be accepted by it, with no regards to wanting a family of his own. His fascination leads him to teach himself the history of humans and their languages, he’s quite thirsty for knowledge just like Victor. However, after being shut out and shunned by society, the loneliness and hopelessness leads him to desire a companion of his own, possibly ending up having a family of his own; a family of his own would allow him to feel loved, at least by someone since the world seems to hate him. Victor and the monster are similar when it comes to being lonely and thriving to gain more knowledge, even if Victor’s lonely by choice and the monster is not. However, they become dissimilar when the monster covets for a love he cannot have, while Victor doesn’t really fancy the idea of companionship. Victor sees Elizabeth as his future wife, yes, but only because that was set in stone at a young age, he’s never fully understood what it’s like to desire a family, or a love, because everything he’s ever had was given to him without

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