Free Argumentative Essays: Is Hunting Right?

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Is Hunting Right?
SSG Hudson, Nathan
SGL: SFC Jenkins, Jonathan
35S Advanced Leader Course (ALC) Class 16-002 Is Hunting Right?
With the majority of today’s population living in cities and suburbs, the argument of the need for hunting has come up. The anti-hunting movement is primarily based off of the consumer culture that believes that the mass production of foods is the way of the future (Knezevic, 2009). There are groups that support both sides of the argument; determining which group is right is for the majority to decide. This paper will discuss four highlighted areas which support hunting, with counters to even out the topic. In the end, it is for the reader to decide their stance on the topic and support their views. The over arching question is, is the act of hunting right or wrong?
To develop the argument, the topic was broken down into four categories: the teaching of respect through hunting, showing how hunting is a conservational organization, how hunting has advanced and yet kept with its …show more content…

Today’s techies go into the woods with their hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) and get lost because they do not know the basics of land navigation (Zumbo, 2007). Does this give the hunters an unfair advantage? Can the animals adapt and protect themselves from these new advances? Many of these new advances are just recreations of techniques used by other animals that hunt their prey. Such technology as high-powered binoculars are just adaptations of our feathered friends. Although our binoculars may be more powerful and scopes may have holographic sights, hunters still have hard work tracking down their prey. One of the largest technology advances in the field of hunting is the development of ultra-light gear. This still requires the hunter to do the same tasks as before, but it enables him or her to sustain the hunt longer, without wearing

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