Fresh Fit: Starting A New Outlook On Life

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Ask yourself, what's wrong with today's society? Are people too set in their old, unhealthy ways and bad habits? You have the power to become a sedulous and salutary person and rupture your negative, inactive past self. The first step to start a new outlook on life is to express your new perspective to everyone through the clothes you wear. Fresh Fit is a “fabletic" clothing brand that combines fabulous fabrics with stellar athletic wear. Fresh Fit is the answer to your prayers. People will see you blazoning your new outfit, personality, and lifestyle and want to look just like you. Go ahead and take the stairs instead of the elevator and push yourself to be the best version of you. Fresh Fit’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through …show more content…

Fresh Fit offered loose and sleazy shirts that allowed air to pass through them so you stay nice and cool throughout the day. Everyone loves a trendy sports bra with an intricate design on the back to enhance and show off their beautiful figure, so in return Fresh Fit sold over ten thousand sports bras in all sizes. Fresh Fit noticed that everyone loves to spend the days in their running shorts, so they designed a new pair with pockets. What a great time to be alive! Whether you were at the boardwalk or the pier you would see men wearing our new tank tops fit for a king. No one wants their clothes to hold them back, so customers raided the stores looking to find the latest and greatest merchandise that they can get their hands on. Fresh Fit found people wearing their brand in places such as the beach, mall, gym, and out in restaurants. Fresh Fit encouraged their customers to get active and enjoy their outfits. Fresh Fit’s last philosophy that was released to the public was that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and our clothes are just characteristics that help to complete a happy and healthy …show more content…

Fresh fit is very busy designing merchandise for this upcoming fall season. Fresh fit can predict that leggings, jackets, and headbands will be stocking up the stores for the next season. Fresh Fit has leggings that are comfortable for everyone and that are flexible for daily movement. Designers are working very hard on something new for leggings, but for now it is a secret until further notice. Who doesn’t love cuddling up with your friends and drinking hot chocolate? Fresh Fit has come up with an amazing new jacket that contains a thumb hole, and cotton on the inside to keep you warm. When the whether cools down, it does not mean that your workout slows down. Fresh Fit wants people to continue their work outs and to enjoy the fresh air. To do that, Fresh Fit has come out with a headband that is guaranteed to stay on your head while running and the headband has fur inside it to keep your ears warm. Fresh Fit hopes to see everyone still wearing their brand throughout this next

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