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Environmental performance of Gammon Construction Limited Background Gammon Construction Limited is one of the leading construction contractors in Hong Kong, it also operates a wide range of construction projects in China and Southeast Asia for the past 55 years. It is a private corporation jointly run by Jardine Matheson, an Asian-based conglomerate and Balfour Beatty. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with an annual turnover about US$1.5 billion and employs over 8,000 employees (Matheson, 2014). The principal activities of Gammon are project and design management, civil engineering construction, foundation works, site investigation, site formation and clearance, concrete supply, plant maintenance, excavation work and demolition…show more content…
In 2003, gammon began to benchmark the environmental performance of the Hong Kong construction projects across zones such as energy consumption, water consumption and waste reduction and set up the key performance indicators (KIP’s). Key performance indicators such as energy KPI, waste KPI and Water KPI can be generated by standardizing the data that came from overall performance against project expenditure. It is positively to know that between 2003 and 2004, waste KPI showed that more waste was sent to Public Fill to reuse and recycle and less waste was sent to landfill; water KPI showed that an improving efficiency has been developed in the water consumption area (Gammon Construction Limited,…show more content…
The primary activities of Gammon are project and design management, civil engineering construction, foundation works, site investigation and demolition work. Gammon’s Hong Kong Office was obtained ISO 14001 certification in August 2001, the Singapore and China systems were awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Gammon is committed to protect the environment and strives for continual improvement of the environmental performance in the construction projects. Gammon has set up its environmental policy, objectives and targets in the sustainability reports, and has successful achieved some environmental targets in the past few years. Gammon undertook a series of studies aimed to reduce the amount of waste generated from construction sites from 2003 to 2014, the most important waste strategies is the Waste Management Handbook which includes the practical method for reusing, recycling and reducing waste. Finally, some recommendations are given for continual improvement of the company’s environmental

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