Gender Roles: Gender Development Research

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This article, “Gender Development Research in Sex Roles: Historical Trends and Future Directions” states the points about how the gender roles are different and how the society views them. This text includes the study of gender development, sex roles and trends over the past 35 years. Today gender roles, especially in United States, are different from what they were in the past. But there are still many differences in roles of sex in many places around the world where women are considered less than men. They are not allowed to go out without a man going along. They are not allowed to continue their education because many still feel that women are meant to do the housework and take care of their children while the male of the house are suppose…show more content…
The text supports this debate by stating that, “the socialization and cognitive perspectives differ in the degree to which they emphasize the role of the social environment, especially reinforcement and modeling of adults and peers, relative to cognitive developmental processes, such as the emergence of children’s gender identity and knowledge of gender stereotypes” (par. 16). Many disagreed to the fact that these are different, but the theorists who researched on this, claim that they have many similarities. Theorists report the ways how the children react and respond to social messages. This marks the shaping of children’s behavior to match gender cultural gender role norms (par. 16). Often times children react and act the way the society wants them to act, and that’s the way how society wants to see…show more content…
The text involves gender differences, stereotyping and socialization. Gender development has come a long way, conducted by a relatively small group of investigators interested in gender development. Sex roles have provided a great dedication on the research topics with gender development. According to the text, the authors hope that there will be more diversity in topics and methods in gender development research. At first they explain the history of gender roles, providing information about the 1960’s to 1970’s era, which had been a turning point in society, about gender roles. Next they describe the trends and debate on the different roles, and the Gender development research. An example of logos in this text is that there were only 20% (lowest percentage throughout the life) articles written on gender stereotyping. The way they give such a long description of gender role differences, by providing every tiny bit of information, is very effective and helpful to understand gender role differences more

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