Gender Inequality Paper

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First Draft: Gender Discrimination and Inequality Christina Mugugu Mupanda Chamberlain College of Nursing Gender Discrimination and Inequality Women, in general, are classified as weak people. Our society, working places, business and societies , workplaces, business and in our culture have the same influence. Today people are focusing on gender equality of which few of the are getting the attention. Decades ago women were more discriminated than of today. Now women are becoming more educated than men (Justin Healey 2014). The international business organization are promoting gender equality and their markets are increasing tremendously (Healey 2014). Why some other international business organizations like the United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Norway are interested in gender equality? According to Healey (2014), those few educated women in higher positions are helping the business organizations to enhance their markets. These companies are now seeing the effect of being diversity at work. There are several ways that can be used to reduce the…show more content…
Why few leaders are interested in gender equality? The study shows that promoting gender equality at a workplaces helps the companies to adopt new ideas and different perspectives this makes their business markets to grow (Healey 2014). In this study few international countries like the United states and others proved that the diversity managements are enhancing the markets. The United State examined the improvement of several companies with a diversity culture and found that the available of women in top management are increasing the extra market value for about 44 million US dollars. A character of promoting the equality at a workplace that what is suppose to be in all companies so that no one would feel being left
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