Gender Inequality In America Essay

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Dear U.S. Congress, I am writing today to complain about the current issue of gender inequality. This topic is very important to me because it affects women, men, girls(like myself) and boys all around our country and others. I have seen this issue develop throughout our society and the major effects it has on our country. I noticed how many young children have grown thinking that their gender plays a prominent role on the job that they could later pursue or possibly couldn’t because of their particular sex. Gender inequality has caused global problems, and as an individual I would like to see a change. Gender Inequality matters because it can have longterm effects on the growth of our country, the populations lives, women in certain jobs and much more. One of the most important aspects involving gender inequality is women in jobs. Many women have experienced very different conditions to men and have received a difference in pay on top of it. The About Pay Equity & Discrimination article states, “In…show more content…
With the power that the Congress holds, I believe there is a way to change the ongoing fight that is gender inequality. With possible changes to corporations and companies gender wage gap could help improve this issue. Also creating laws that enforce change surrounding the issue of gender inequality. Many more potential changes could be made to decrease the inequality between women and men. Something so immense like this issue can’t be reversed quickly, but with effective efforts to improve gender inequality could benefit our country 's future incredibly. I thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you will recognise the great importance of my issue and the essential change that is necessary to correct it. With your help our country could make gender inequality an issue of the past. Thank you

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