Gender Inequality In Sierra Leone

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As we have earned in class, equality and justice is not the same thing. Equality is giving someone the same opportunity to make them equal. However, justice is giving opportunity to those who are not privileged reach up to those who are privileged. This cycle of life has been around since ancient times and because of different factors, things have not changed in some countries or some part of the world. This story takes place in Sierra Leone. After the Ebola outbreak was settled down, students returned to school and so did all the problems people face when sending their children to school; especially if they were girls. When it comes to education, everyone should be given the same opportunity no matter their race, gender or color. However like many other countries, Sierra Leon is known for not providing these opportunities for girls. A very ridiculous law has gone in effect in April to ban girls who are pregnant from school even if it was a rape. To the rest of the world however, this law is ridiculously unfair and is very much a representation of gender inequality in Sierra Leone. …show more content…

It is the 21st century and although politics and the world is never perfect, inequality should not be an issue we as a world should talk about. We should learn from the past and try to create a better situations in countries like Sierra Leone. Father Ferree wrote the social justice and talked about the most vulnerable and how everyone has a duty to help those in need. The situation in Sierra Leone is one problem that needs the worlds’ attention and so, the affluent world and the UN should be able to look at problems such as this to create an equal opportunity and do justice for these girls. These girls have dreams and hopes of becoming someone and the only way to achieve their dream is by going to school and so, they shouldn’t be held accountable for a rape they did not want and their education should not be compromised. The world has to do a petition to the Sierra Leone government to abolish this law. The world should be a much better place and it will be if only people work for the common good of the people and abolishing the law. This will give justice to these girls and equality and civil rights will not be

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