Gender Language: Gender And Language

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Gender and Language

Gender and Language is an interesting topic that results motivating to investigate about. It has been studied for a long time due to its importance on discourse analysis nowadays. There are many aspects that for me, we must consider before giving an opinion about it. Both genders have their own uniqueness and qualifications and at the same time these features turn to reflect on cultural aspects, which make this topic even more complex for a deeper study. So within this topic are various facets related to differences between men´s and women´s language as well as if women talk more or less than men, if women´s speech is less straight, precise and pertinent than men´s, and also there are biological factors to consider.
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Some studies that Dr. Brizendine (1994) has made says about women says that they talk three times as much as men However, Drass (1986) said the opposite he stated that in a pair conversation men speak more than women. This fact is the result of men´s competitiveness in conversation either with females or with their own pairs, they use irregular language, they are less grammatical and also less emotional so more factual but on the other hand females are more emotional, they lack of credibility or power, they are grammatical, also in the sense of meaning they are less precise because of the use of back channels like: yeah, really? All these authors also should consider the biological traits that each of these genders has as individuals.
Due to their condition women´s tend to speak less direct than men because they connect all the time also they tend to talk emotionally, but on the other side according to Yule (2014) both female and male biological conditions are different for instance men have longer vocal tracts which making voices sound lower and rapid vibration that at the same time allows them to have higher sounds speaking clear and straight. They sound
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I think all depends on the education level we have or maybe another circumstance that influences my estimation of the experience I could have in relation to a certain topic. In my opinion a more objective perception could be possible in men´s eyes due to their possibility of seeing things and conceptions more accurate, less emotive with the, at certain point, correct explanation for every single concept.
For example, when a woman asks her husband to see her and give an opinion about how a dress fits her, the answer of a man would probably be that the dress fits her well, the tendency to say everything is right for man is like he is not paying attention to what I am saying but the thing is they are not complicated, they are factual, and women want our husbands say want we want them say other wise female may feel abandoned of her man´s mind and interest
Finally, it could be said that there are many qualities that have to be considered in order to have a meaningful study about gender discourse as many experts mention there are grammatical aspects, character aspects also biological aspects to
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