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Mikaella Spyrides
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Changing Common Gender Stereotypes for Women’s Rights In the United States, just like in many other places, gender relationships are changing and the inequalities between men and women are going from being outright to being mental. Gender inequalities happen at work, at home, and in public affairs. But the cold, hard facts show that gender separations and inequalities continue, even during the movements and parades that have attempted to challenge and change women’s rights. Why is the world like this? Why are gender inequalities so hard to overcome? I think it is because gender stereotypes are simply in the mind, but we need to change that now! People just assume that women should
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If we all work together, we can change this state of thinking about men and women’s roles in society. Gender stereotypes take place in the minds of people, but that needs to be changed. People usually think about genders when they are socializing with one another. When meeting someone new, your brain unconsciously rejects or gives a chance to the person based on their gender. People usually use gender as common sense that is used to manage their relationships with other people. One-on-one negotiations and interactions are being influenced by common gender stereotypes. These stereotypes are like the ones that women should stay at home and do housework. Another stereotype is that women can’t work as well as men, resulting in less pay for women. Men are usually thought of as the…show more content…
In companies and businesses, this has lead to people thinking and believing that men are gonna do a better job than the women. Women are put jobs in which they organize and follow, like a secretary. Different studies show that in job interviews where the representatives of each gender have the same qualifications, one gender gets more offers. If you’re wondering, which gender? It’s the men that get more and better chances. Studies help explain how past gender relationships continue in the future, as older ideas and assumptions about men, women, and their relationships end up being used by everyone to shape new economic and social arrangements as they emerge. Ironically, people are now even more uncertain of changing their ways of thinking about

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