Gender Wage Pay Is A Myth

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Wage pay: Are women and men equal enough to get paid the same? In the 1920’s women earned the right to vote. In the 1960’s women entered the workforce. In the 1970’s women had Roe vs Wade passed. It’s 2017 and yet women still don’t get paid the same amount as men. The gender wage gap is a blatant act of sexism in which women get payed 80 cents to a man’s dollar. So why is it that work done by women is still valued less in modern day society? The answer when asked is women put in less hours in the office or the gender wage gap is just a myth. The gender pay gap is a very real thing happening in majority of the workforce. All these excuses are just that, excuses. There needs to be an end to what is essencially gender prejudice in all fields …show more content…

The facts have been laid out plain and simple the gender wage gap is still something very persitant in society. Still some people argue that gender in the workplace doesnt matter. Like In article The Gender Wage Gap Is a Myth by Stephen Jarosek, Jaroske argues that the wage gap is not an example of gender bias, but instead is the result of women making the choice not to work or to work fewer hours. He claims that women and men simply make different choices in the work world and that many men are more willing to sacrifice personal time to commit to work while many women are not. He does by using several stastics to show the gender wage has been a myth all along. Then he says, ”The wage gap is not a wage gap at all. It is a choices gap. Put simply, women have more choices than men. In most cases, their additional choices (e.g., stay-at-home-mom) require men to continue providing for them, and this is the reason for the wages gap.” ( Jarosek para. 5 ). This means there is no hidden agenda, women and men get payed the same . It’s simply a womens choice to work less hours to take care of a family and therfore earn less money than her male colleague. This really shows that people really do believe that it’s the womens fault for not making the same amount as men. That because most women want a family and obviously men don’t, women work less hours than men to maintain a “mom life”. So have women really for all these years, not been working as hard or as long men simply because …show more content…

Although some people do say that the myth of the wage gap is just that for all others there is something we can do. In Ann Crittenden review of Don 't Get Mad, Get Even: Book Review of Getting Even: Why Women Don 't Get Paid Like Men—And What To Do About It Crittenden argues that while women essentially are even with men in terms of education and experience, women still get the short end of the stick and get payed less then males. She claims that even with the blatant sexsim going on in most workplaces there is soemthing all women can do, demand their fair share. Now this might seem as a simple task but if it was childs play, then women would have been getting paid fairly since they entered the workforce back in the the 60’s. She develops this claim by stating research done by Evelyn Murphy a financial analyst. Then she says, ”Murphy reports that when she asked people what women ought to be earning compared with men, most said they had no idea, or guessed that women should earn about 80 cents to a man 's $1. No one thought the answer should be equal pay for equal work.” (Crittenden para. 9). This means that the country accepts this structured unfairness as a given! This is to show that even though women can try to fight the sytem back and attempt to get even pay it’s not as easy as it sounds when the entire system is against you. It truly shows that men and women are alike in every way but women still get treated as a second class citizen. Women can demand the same

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