Gettysburg Battle Research Paper

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As grueling and terrifying as a three day battle sounds you 're not much off. If you were here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania the sight is not pretty . Being there was horrible seeing the thousands of people dead is a horrifying sight and not one you would want to live to see. This was one of the bloodiest fights and the most memorable . In the last three days the Union showed that we’re a competitor and that we’re going to stand, and not back down. If Lee would have won this battle everything would be over and nothing would be the same in the history of the Civil War. We as the United States would not be one. This war would be remembered as the battle Lee first got defeated no one thought it could be done until Abraham Lincoln proved that…show more content…
Virginia later had to retreat because of the Union 's continuous fires. Day three of the Gettysburg battle Lee tried one more attempt to get supplies and win the battle once and for all. Lee would have won if his army wasn 't weak,they had not slept for days and barely had food, leading Lee to his first lose. Gettysburg was one of the most decisive battles ever because they went to Gettysburg looking for food and resources and then came out of the war with 15,000 dead in total. It has been a rumor saying that the Union went to the city looking for shoes but although there was a shoe factory they didn 't go for that they went for food. This three day battle was horrible, the two best armies going to battle was not going to be a pretty sight. Thankyou to all those people that have lost their lives, another battle won and another battle closer to be done with this dreadful and disgusting war. Thanks to you our flag still flies…show more content…
there were two really important generals for the Confederates one of the generals, General Robert E.Lee. The general for the Union is, General George B. Mcclellan. The two Generals had been a very big threat since they had been good in school and also on the field. The Union had 75,300 soldiers and the Confederate had 52,000 soldiers. no2 one really won this war because they both retreated at the same time since so many people had died, and all around it was brutal and horrifying and a war we would surely never forget. The North has been known for having a larger amount of soldiers then the south (Confederates). So far this has been the most bloodiest most terrifying battle of all because yesterday was the most Americans that have died in two battles combined. We will always and forever remember this day as the worst day in the history. Although almost a year part these two battles are both equally bad and very devastating to people all around the world and family and friends. We should always remember this day as not only the lose of all of our soldiers but the winning of the war and being close to the end of the civil war. To all the soldiers that have lost their lives and to all the soldiers that are still alive at this point we will and forever be truly grateful for you and our
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