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Gone Girl By: Gretchen Cummings Scared and worried is the feelings the family of Melissa Jane a missing girl last seen January 31, 1994. Melissa Jane was not any normal teen she kept to herself. She didn’t do a lot of sports or in school activities. “ She’s an outsider” says her fellow classmates. “She gets bullied almost everyday” says her best friend Amber Wells. Everyone in this town knows this so they expected her to have just run away. But one investigator named Michael Wagner does not believe this. So he and his team of forensic scientists and investigators take on this case. To start off the case they interview everyone that seen Melissa on the day of January 31, 1994. The first person they call in was the father (Mark Jane ) because her mother( Shannon Jane) was in rehab at the time. The father said that she asked to stay at Amber’s house for the night then he never seen her after that, so he called the police. Next they call in Amber Melissa’s best friend she says that Melissa did come over but she left and was acting really scared like someone was going to hurt her. Then close to a hour later Amber said Melissa called crying and said come to the field by school and she heard the phone drop and screaming. She never went …show more content…

They took DNA samples then took the body back to the laboratory for an autopsy. They looked at the database and found evidence of drugs found on the body, also they found out the cause of death was multiple stabs to the back and seen there was a sign of struggle. After that they put the DNA in the CODIS and found that the body was Melissa Jane. They put this information in the case record. Afterwards they broke the news to the Jane family and they were

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