Pros And Cons Of Gm Foods A Solution To The Food Crisis

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Is the production of GM foods a solution to the food crisis or a disaster in the making? Genetic modified foods are organisms that have been altered, they have new genes added to them from other organisms with the main aim being to increase the crop yield and to improve the notorious value. GMOs are seen as a way to the end the world hunger crisis. However, due to the many concerns and disadvantages with GMOs many people are against the idea of them. People are strongly opposed to GMOs as they feel that they are unhealthy, unsafe to eat and also because of their long list of disadvantages. In GMOs new proteins that were not in the original plant are mixed, this can cause allergic reactions to the modified food. Organisms in the ecosystem…show more content…
In other countries it is not required to label if it is a GMO or not, so they are not informing the consumer what they are buying. These consumers want to what is inside the food that they are buying. However, not everyone is against GMOs, many people are for it as they see beneficial side. They believe that with technology these food will improve in the future and all of the disadvantages will be eliminated. Also GMO can be made to be more nutritional and be modified to grow in harsh conditions which will be very beneficial in places in places such as Africa where the soil is not the best. At first I was against the production of GMOs as I was only exposed to the negative points. But after conducting research on GM foods I have changed my view pint. The advantages of GMOs have been very beneficial and products, such as Golden Rice have been accomplished its goals in improving and enhancing people’s health. GMOs are a way the human race can feed the growing population and help combat many diseases, like the soybeans vaccines, and help fight malnutrition. Therefore the genetic modification of foods is a solution to the food
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