Gmo's: Good Or Bad For Society?

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Did you know GMO’s are bad for your organs. People say GMOs increase food production. But GMO’s are bad for society because they are being dropped by food companies, they are not healthy and they are bad for your organs.

One Reason why GMO’s don’t benefit society us because several food companies are going fully organic. Some fresh food sales are up 30% which means less people are buying GMO’s ( Koch, Taparia 15). Though some people say GMO’s are good because they increase food production. However we don’t need the extra food. And some people aren’t trusting large food companies because of the GMO’s they are selling ( Koch, Taparia 17). Since this is happening organic foods are taking over Grocery stores and going on the shelves big food brands with GMO’s used to be (Koch, Taparia 17). Several restaurants are going organic as well to attract customers and some because they know GMO’s are bad for your health(Koch, Taparia 16). …show more content…

Studies show that people who eat no GMO’s are significantly more healthy than people who do eat GMO’s(Kantor 10). If you’re on antibiotics at the moment don’t eat GMO’s according to research GMO’s hurt antibiotics and future use of them( Paturel, Yamakawa 8). And not even all GMO’s are approved by the FDA (Empowered Consumer 13). This connects to reasons why people are trusting GMO’s from big food companies. As you can see GMO’s are unhealthy for the human

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