Reflection On God's Butterfl Y Garden

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What a most wonderful place to be in—
God’s “butterfl y garden”!!
I notice as I glance about most quickly the wonderful variety of plants He has planted
Which are essential for the butterfl ies’ tender care.
God has provided the necessary plants that shall give them an opportunity to place their eggs which shall hatch and become yet a caterpillar.
Th e caterpillar shall spin a cocoon and once again there shall become yet another fl ying fl ower.
Is this not God’s power?
I notice a variety of fl owers.
Bright colors and fragrances.
Many are pleasant and additionally others have a not-so-favorable one.
I do believe you may say they have a foul odor.
Yet many of the most beautiful butterfl ies do prefer them.
I notice a small birdbath around which
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Th e words had been spoken thousand of years before by God.
“Stop in the name of love before you break My heart.”
God had a broken heart.
Did you know this?
God’s heart was broken when he lost His man.
God determined to regain His man.
Before God recreated this world there was told to us in the Scriptures that a Lamb was slain.
Did God know there would be a problem when man was created?
God had made prearrangements for us before His creation.
God was prepared to do all and give all that He had to ransom us from the d/evil one who was created before us.
Th e d/evil one did not will to stay with God in heaven.
He decided to leave and establish his own kingdom and throne.
Th at was impossible.
He was a created being and God is the Creator of all things.
God has created all things in this earth, in heaven, and under this earth.
God is God and there is no other God but He.
Th e d/evil one left heaven and his appointed place.
One third of all the angels in heaven accompanied him.
Th ere was no place for this created being to dwell.
God sent them to hell.
Th e place reserved for the rebellious and the dead.
God had a plan for His created man.
He did not want man to go to the place of the

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