Grammar Errors In English Essay

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Chapter Two
Literature Review
This chapter reviews the literature related to grammar errors in using simple past tense in English. The review aims to discover the literature related to some grammar problems that face students of English as a foreign language when learning the past simple tense. The review of the literature covers the most recent studies on English grammar problems for EFL learners related to my study.
2.1 Grammar and Writing
Writing skill is the process of producing meaning using the graphic symbols of a given language arranged in many different ways to form the units of meaning staring from the morpheme to the discourse in order to construct a context for communication (Zamel, 1985). The ability to write and
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On the other hand, The EFL learners can evaluate their success in language learning through writing accurate pieces of writing free from grammatical errors, which may distort the intended meaning of the writer. Teacher and those who work in the educational field believe that achieving 100% accuracy for EFL learners is a very difficult job. Furthermore, native speakers of English may have the same problem as acquiring the rules of grammar and achieving higher levels of accuracy is a many-sided job. Consequently, teacher must do their best to help their students overcome such difficulties in their writing and produce grammatical accurate pieces of…show more content…
The verb form delineates time (tense) which show past, present, or future time (Davis & Liss 2006). One of the aspects of accuracy is the usage of accurate tense based on the type of the sentence because every tense has definite functions in a given context which may be considered incorrect in another different context (Master 1996, Davis and Liss 2006, Roehampton 2008).
Errors and Language Learning
Errors are defined as “the flawed side of learner speech or writing. They are those parts of conversation or composition that deviate from some selected norm of mature language performance” (Dulay et al., 1982, p. 138).
Brown (2001) asserted that there is a significant difference between mistakes and error where mistakes is the results of performance while errors is the result of competence due to lack of understanding the required knowledge or a gap in the learner competence. Furthermore, errors is considered or deemed an acceptable by the native speaker of such a language. Mistakes may caused by the strain, lack of attention, or laziness, but the learner can easily self-correct them if he detects them (Erdogan,

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