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Why Comp I is So Valuable I believe that there are several reasons why Composition I is a valuable course for college students to take. Some of the reasons Comp I is so valuable are 1) it improves your writing skills, 2) it teaches us the different types of writing, and most importantly 3) it teaches us to manage our time wisely and effectively. Without the course Comp I, I believe that students wouldn’t be prepared or as prepared to take on the real world. Writing skills are something that most people don’t just have. They must be obtained over time, with the help of others usually. Some students obtain all the writing skills that they need in high school, but others obtain their writing skills by taking college courses such as Composition I. Throughout this semester alone I have learned how to do MLA formatting, college reading skills, cultural analysis, and the list keeps going on. That was all learned in just one course. With improvement on my writing skills, I can now confidently go into the real world with no problems at all when it comes to writing. There …show more content…

Throughout the course, we had several assignments that were split off into different units. Each assignment had a due date, whether it be a reading assignment or even a quiz. The reading assignments didn’t have anything that needed to be turned in, so honestly you wouldn’t have to read them on the specific dates. The dates do have importance though. If you didn’t read the assignments by the date specified, then you would get behind and not know what a threaded discussion was talking about when it asked you about a specific essay and your opinion on it. Also, if you just don’t do a quiz or an essay by the date specified, then you would get a 0 out of however many points the assignment was worth. 0’s can be a huge detriment to your grade, and one after another could lead to you failing that

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