Greek Gods And Goddesses

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The virtual tour that I had taken on the gods and goddesses of Greece I had learned more information than what I had already known. What I had known about the Greek gods and goddesses was in the series Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. That was the first taste that I had ever gotten of the gods and goddesses. The moment I read that series I had wanted to know more about the gods and goddesses so that’s why I chose to do my project on this. I had always thought they were interesting and I had only knew that they had certain gods for certain things. But once I was given a chance to do more research and the topic that I have always like was in the book and during this time I knew I wanted to do the Greek gods and goddesses. It’s given me a chance …show more content…

It’s like I almost get to step back into time and see what the religion was and see how it worked with the gods and goddesses. With that I get to see how many of them there really was other than the known ones like Zeus and Poseidon. I get to learn about it through history instead of through movies and through books that are fiction. Each god and goddess were responsible for doing a certain task. They were responsible to do one task or multiples that were related to each other. They were assigned and they had to stay and make sure that it gets done. The people believed that before they were able to go and do certain things they had to stop and thank the gods or give them a sacrifice so that they wouldn’t upset the gods and goddesses.
What I had learned on the tour was that all of the gods and goddesses home was on Mt. Olympus. That was what they had considered home to them and that is where everyone believed they had live. “Mount Olympus, a 9,500-foot-high peak in norther Greece.”(58) The Greek gods and goddesses had gotten the name Olympians from the mountain that they had lived on. On Mt. Olympus it had a structure kind of like a household. In the house hold it had included “Zeus children: Athena, goddess of wisdom and cunning; Hephaestus, god of craftsman; Hermes, god of travelers and thieves; Apollo, god of disease and healing; and Artemis, goddess of the hunt, of maidens, and …show more content…

In the tour I click on god, goddesses and heroes and I went and picked stories of gods, goddesses and heroes to learn more about them. There is a goddess called Demeter she was the goddess of grain and agricultural. Then there is Pluto who is god of the underworld and he had wanted to marry Persephone Demeter’s daughter. Zeus wouldn’t answer and let Pluto and Demeter get married so one day Pluto saw Persephone out alone in a field and kidnapped her and took her to the underworld with him. Her mother Demeter stopped taking care of the crops in search of her daughter and because of this she had let the crops wither and

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