Gregor The Overlander Conflict

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In Gregor the Overlander, written by Suzanne Collins, Gregor tries to escape back to New York from the Underland filled with many creatures. Gregor finds himself in many difficult conflicts and situations. In each of the conflicts Gregor has a set of traits that helps him get pass it throughout the story. The character traits caring, self-confidence and bravery are traits that helped him solve his problems. He is caring toward his sister as a result of her staying safe, Gregor is brave for trying to solve the mystery in the Underland, and Gregor is peaceful, he solves his problems without violence. Gregor shows that he cares for his 7 year old little sister, Boots. When Gregor and she had fallen through a grate in the laundry room of their apartment building, Gregor went to go find her sister. Before Boots and Gregor had fallen through the grate, Gregor’s mom had told him to watch his younger sister. Gregor started to panic …show more content…

In The Prophecy of Gray it states that four out of the twelve may die, however Gregor does not want anyone dead. During his quest he finds himself in a situation with a spider. The spider holds them as prisoners, when they attempt to escape, Luxa, the person leading them on the escape gets snatched by the spider. Gregor looked around desperately for a weapon, unfortunately he had nothing to stop the spider. All he had was a Root beer soda can he had picked up of the ground before he had left for his quest. He brought out the can shaking it with all his might. As the fangs of the spider were about to hit Luxa’s throat Gregor popped open the pop can, and yelled “Attack! Attack!”(190). This quotation displays his bravery towards saving Luxa and as a result of nobody else dyeing on the quest. If Luxa had ended her life that early into the quest, Gregor eventually would have stopped going any further, and would go

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