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The argument concludes that HobCo should choose southeastern Grilldon as the site for their next HobCo Hobby Shop as it willdraw a steady stream of enthusiastic new HobCo customers. The conclusion is based on the premise that hobby business has increased, there are not many competitors and shops and Grilldon has a large population of retired people; all of these factors will increase the business of new shop and will draw large number of customers. The reasoning in the argument is logically flawed, however, as it relies on a number of assumptions, which appear to be unsupported due to lack of appropriate data and information.

First, the author needs to provide information on future plans of people or competitors who are looking to set up hobby shops in the Grilldon area. The claim that there are no hobby shops is weak and a bit stretched without this evidence. The argument will be strengthened if the author provides evidence on the future expansions plans of
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The author should provide information on demographic area covered by the poll in the Grilldon. For example, it might be that poll was biased and was conducted in a particular part of the town where there were large number of children or retired people. As a result, the polls could be skewed and might not reflect the true trends of the town. In addition, past records concerning the accuracy of previous polls conducted by the agency needs to be produced to strengthen the accuracy of the results. It can be that the polling agency or group in a novice in this field and has not produced accurate results in their past endeavors in the field of surveys and polls. Therefore, the author should provide evidence on the past track record of the agency. Also, the data on the manner in which poll was conducted needs to provided like type of questions asked, manner in which questions were framed etc. All these factors have a considerable impact on the polling

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