Society In Fahrenheit 451

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Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury, “Fahrenheit 451”, Guy Montag, the main character who lived in a dystopian world, a fake “perfect” society is a protagonist. This is because due to all of the actions that Montag have done throughout the story to find out what an actual perfect society should be like. Guy Montag had been able to see what is being hidden deep inside his society and away from the citizens that he’s living in. Like other protagonist in many other stories, Montag had sacrifice his life so that he would be able to discover and protect what the world is hiding away. Even though in the begging of the novel, Montag is a fireman who follow the rules and had to burn books as his job but then after meeting Clarisse, Montag’s inner self had wakes up and looking for the truth of the world. On page 8 and 9, “Of course I’m happy. What does she think?... He recognizes this as the true state of affairs. He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the …show more content…

Due to the fact that after Montag met Clarisse, he had realized what his whole life had been missing. As Montag tried to find the missing pieces of such a big puzzle, Montag’s life, he had gave up being a fireman, he started to break the rules so that he can protect what he thinks is meaningful and valuable toward the world. The only thing that can help Montag to find what is his missing puzzles’ pieces are, books. It contain lots of knowledge, or elements that the world would needed. Not only being able to see the problems, Montag also be able to solve the problems and look for an answer by himself. The actions of Motag standing up and fight back for what he thinks is missing and wrong in this “perfect” society had provided the reasons why Montag is truthly a protagonist who’s looking for the true feelings of

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