Hamlet And Equus Comparison

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In the plays Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Equus by Peter Shaffer, the two main characters are up for trial due to their violent decisions. Hamlet is charged for the murder of four people; Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Polonius and Claudius. Alan Strange is on trial for extreme cruelty to animals. As the judge for these two cases, through my investigations and listening to the jury on trial, I take a stand on Alan Strang as the verdict of being not guilty. Alan Strang grew up in a household with his parents that viewed religion differently. He has one parent who's overprotective and imposes religion on him and his father who is an atheists and rejects religion. I believe this causes a controversy in Alan’s brain to replace the practice of religion with the belief that Equus is god. With his mother bombarding him with bible stories, Alan started to show interest when he bought a reproduction of the Lord on his way to Cavalry. His father hated that Alan had an interest in religion, so he ripped a picture Alan had of jesus and replaced it with a picture of a horse. I believe his …show more content…

His parents catastrophes with sexual relations causes Alan to accomplice sex with crime and guilt. This is shown when Dysart, the psychologist, asked Alan’s parents if they have ever gave Alan the sex talk. Alans father replies “No not in so many words”. Alans mother replies “told him the biological facts”.(1:7:28) Alan was never taught the realism of sex and guilt and only saw it through the lenses of his parent. When Alan’s first sexual interaction occurs in his stable, his guilt is very strong which triggers him to stab the eyes of 6 horses. Alan’s up bringing and influences he faced, shaped his psychological make up. His parent’s played a significant role in the irregular development of there son that makes it very difficult for me to plead this case

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