Hatshepsut His Majesty Herself Analysis

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In “Hatshepsut His Majesty Herself,” by catherine Andronik, She informs the reader about Hatshepsut and her role as an effective female Pharaoh in ancient egypt. One supporting detail proving her leadership was she acted as regent,” an adult who can take control of the country.” Another detail to support her leadership was in paragraph eleven,” She appointed officials and advisors dealt with priests.” This quote explains that Hatshepsut was a great regent who tackled obstacles head on and with a lot of maturity. Another detail about Hatshepsut's successful reign was in paragraph 17 it states,”Hatshepsut reign was peaceful. Instead of war and conquest, Hatshepsut built monuments within her country to proclaim its power.” This quote that she wanted to work on the inside of egypt and make it peaceful instead of war and conflict. In addition in paragraph 14 it states,” So the people of egypt would take her seroucly she made herself look like a man in her role as pharaoh.” This quote shows the determination of hatshepsut and that she …show more content…

I believe she was confident because in paragraph 12 it states,” She crowned herself pharaoh with the large red and white double crown.” Hatshepsut had to be confident to crown herself pharaoh especially that a female pharaoh was not even heard of in ancient egypt. Previously stated in paragraph 9 it states,”It was a job, perhaps just fifteen years old had been training for since her earliest days by her father's side.” This shows she must be confident to be taking such an important role only fifteen years old. In conclusion Hatshepsut was very confident and bold in her decisions which made her a great pharaoh.

Hatshepsut was a great political leader who inspired people today like Angela Merkel who was the first female chancellor of germany. Hatshepsut inspired women's right movement. Hatshepsut was a great role model and is still changing lives

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