Unit 2.4 Health And Safety Research Paper

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2.2.4 Employee health and welfare facilities Health and safety procedures at workplace is a must for well-being of both workers and employers. Workers must feel safe at workplace where as employers should facilitate workplace with necessary safety arrangements. It is significant for employers to shield workers from the health and safety anxieties. Health and Safety Hazards Potentially harmful substances or behaviors that may cause injury and damage to workers can be termed as hazards. Workers may be exposed to several hazards in the workplace. Health hazards can appear in different form. It can be contagious diseases spread within workplace or it can be unprotected contacts with chemicals and gases. So, organizations must have effective…show more content…
Organization should be able to keep their workers motivated to work. If the working conditions are not safe and they don’t have provision for the contingencies, then workers feel reluctant and hesitated to perform well and vice-versa. These guidelines helps organization handling situations when they have to deal with potentially unsafe working conditions preventing probable injuries and sickness. Health and Safety Programs This is important in order to prevent illness and injuries at the workplace. Hazardous working conditions may appear in an organization in routine basis so workers must be well prepared for this and they should learn to cope with this. For this organizations must educate about health and safety programs. Provisions for sick leaves, safety pays etc can help workers feel secure and get motivated to work efficiently. Employee Awareness Health and safety practices within workplace are vital as they help prevent organizational conflict and make them proactive for the possible difficult circumstances. Wrong and unethical acts of workers within the organization are matter of concern as this disturbs organizational harmony. Companies have to take appropriate approach by educating staffs about need of safety practices for maintaining sound and safe working
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