Hector's Behavior: Diversity In The Classroom

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2. Diversity Within any classroom there are students and each student has a variety of needs that can affect the learning of the student and the teacher’s ability to instruct the student. These needs can influence a student’s learning experience academically, emotionally, socially and many other aspects to varying degrees; depending on how much a student’s learning experience is affected, the student’s academic progress can be hindered due to their needs not being addressed. Any parent and teacher would want every student to have equal opportunities to grow and develop academically and to become productive members of society. However, by not considering that a student might have specific needs that should be addressed, the student is being …show more content…

Hector was appropriately engaged and worked hard to complete his academic assignments each day. His behavior on the playground improved as well. Rather than respond impetuously, Hector kept his temper and played cooperatively with the other children. No longer viewed as a disruptive student, Hector, and his family now looks forward to a bright future with realistic hopes for continued success and high achievement in 2nd grade and beyond” (History). In Hector’s case, he was experiencing behavioral problems and as a result, it hindered his learning ability and his ability to socially interact with his peers. If Hector and his needs were not properly assessed, Hector might have never learned how to properly interact with others and inside the classroom. Thankfully with the help of the IDEA act, Hector was given full support in addressing his needs and improving his situation. Therefore, it can be said that it is important to address diversities in the classroom for no child is the same and they each require different forms of education in accordance with their skill and abilities. By considering the diverse needs of those in the classroom, many will have the equal opportunity to a better education and further development as an

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