Heroic Traits Of Odysseus And Cummings In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus And Cummings

Odysseus and Cummings had heroic traits throughout their stories. From heroic traits to courage, selflessness, humility, patience, and caring. They show these heroic traits it various ways. A characteristic that Odysseus shows is courage. An example from the text that shows this heroic trait in Book 9 of the Odyssey. In lines 282-285, Odysseus says, Now by the Gods, I drove my big hand spike deep in the embers, charring it again, and cheered my men along with battle talk …show more content…

While his men were scared, Odysseus built his raw to blind the Cyclops even though he was scared. Odysseus told the men not to give up because there’s a chance that they could make it home. He motivated them to battle it out. Cummings also showed the heroic trait of courage. One example from the book The Good Soldier that shows he has courage is in lines 106-109. The lines state, “‘Get a litter,’” “Cummings yelled to the ambulance crew. Sprinting, he went out to the gate, passing coils of razor wire and blast walls, and the stopping when he saw Izzy walking toward him, illuminated by the headlights of the ambulance.”(118) Cummings was having a lot of courage that he could make it to save the girl. Throughout Odysseus’s journey, he had another heroic trait which is selflessness. In the Odyssey, a great example to show that he has this heroic trait are lines 480-484. These lines state, to man the ships, cast

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