High Noon Compare And Contrast

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High Noon and The Most Dangerous Game
Compare and Contrast Essay

Two excellent stories of hardship can be very different yet the same. The most Dangerous Game and High Noon demonstrate this very well. In the film High Noon made by Carl Foreman the main character is tested by time and fear, this nail bitting film accurately represents a man's trouble trying to defend his town. The short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell demonstrates how a persons belief can change from true fear, how the hunter can become the hunter, and the journey of a man trying to save himself from almost certain death. Both these stories are mainly focused around men and guns however they have underlying meanings behind them the make them interesting. Both of these excellent stories share similarities and differences between each other. The setting and conflicts are different however the main characters in the story are relatively similar. In the movie High Noon and the short story The Most Dangerous Game there are many similarities between the main character. Both characters are middle aged, experienced with there work, and can handle a gun, however, the …show more content…

In the story The Most Dangerous Game it describes Ship-Trap island as a dark jungle like island that is difficult to see from afar and has many natural traps. However in High Noon the town is described as small remote and has some people. In The Most Dangerous Game we know that the island is very mysterious and his jungle like which contrasts the town that the movie High Noon takes place in which is arid and has some people. Both places are lawless and relatively remote however the actual location is very different. In conclusion there are many similarities and differences between the two stories however the comparisons don't end there the conflicts that the main characters face are also similar and

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