Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Elections

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The 2016 Presidential election has already set out to be the most one of the most historical election to date. Nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been doing everything in their power to obtain the Victory. While many citizens may agree that both are unqualified to be president. The 3rd party candidates are trailing by a huge margin in the race to become the next president of the United States of America. The choices come to down to either one of the two democratic and republican nominees’. We first must identify what are the issues our country faces. To know who deserves our vote which is the big question we need to answer. In this essay, we will not be looking for who is the best nominee but who is the worst out of both.
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One of the biggest issues surrounding Hillary are the 33,000 emails she reportedly destroyed Those emails cost the life of four Americans in Benghazi. Based on the constitution of this country because of her action she should not be allowed to run for president but also be forced to resign her seat in the senate. People also worry about the way Hillary manages her financials. It has been reported that Hillary loss six billion dollars of tax payer’s money. Furthermore, Hillary has also used loopholes to avoid the payment of taxes it has been reported the Clintons have five shell companies whose only purpose is to avoid paying certain taxes. Citizens of the U.S are also worried about Hillary’s immigration plan Hillary plans to have open borders. Also, give illegal immigrants medical care and other benefits but the citizen of the U.S will pay the bill of these benefits. Moreover, Hillary is all for women rights but has been accused of threatening her husband’s rape victims. Forcing them to keep quiet for Bill Clintons actions against …show more content…

Afterwards look at the nominee that has the better solution to our issues. That is why I decided to vote for trump Even though I may not agree with some of the thing he says he does makes the most sense. When it comes to facing the issues that have the most impact on our country. I believe that one of the biggest issues that our country faces is that the same people run our country. So, adding term limits to congress and many more will benefit us the people. Furthermore, I have noticed that for that same reason neither the republican party of democratic party support trump. He completely goes against their agenda which is the reason why we the people are so screwed. The agenda benefits them and fill their pockets while we are left to suffer. My decision is based on what I want which is change and trump offers that. I believe he will improve our economy not because of his success but because of his failures. There is a say you learn more from your losses than your

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