Hip Hop Culture Vs Rap Culture

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My first article is called Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored Meets The Hip-Hop by Lisa Sullivan; discusses that from the late 1980s and into the 1990s the “media spent the 1970s and early 1980s acknowledging and glamorizing the emergence of a new Black middle class, in the last decade, they have been careful to note the growing marginalization and isolation of the Black urban poor--especially teenagers.” The article also talks about how Newsweek liked everyone to believe that gangsta rap and Hip-Hop culture are responsible for the worsening conditions of Black America, “the eclipse of Black civil society has much more to do with the institutional collapse of the inner city and the failure of traditional Black social and civic organizations …show more content…

In the book Gender, Race, and Class in Media; in a chapter called There Are Bitches and Hoes by Tricia Rose, she discuss “The valorization of the gangsta and pimp highlight and celebrates the very women they degrade, encouraging young women fans to emulate the behaviors of bitches and hoes by saying they are not talking about all women.” In the early 20th century came a change of African-American civil rights organizations; they challenge “the social, economic, political and cultural decay of American institutions threatens to undermine Black civil society and its steady progress toward social justice and racial equality,” leading to the reinventing black civil society which is seen in the film when some of the black community decides to leave the town they came to know, for a better life. My last article is called Film Reviews it compares two black films; When We Were Colored and The Devil in a Blue

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