Hip Hop Impact On American Culture

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Hip Hop appeared in the Bronx community of New York City in the early 1970s when times were tough for urban areas of America. The outstanding music refers to multiplex music comprising four elements: deejaying (turntabling), rapping (MCing), graffiti, and breakdancing (B-boying). Hip Hop/Rap is the best music genre of all time.
Hip Hop helps people learn about life and later becomes a lifestyle. Hip Hop’s fifth element of ‘knowledge’ teaches the Hip Hop community about its identity and ways to express that identity. This music genre highly values claiming a stake in one's education. All of this explains how hip-hop helps people learn about life and themselves. Hip Hop holds that self-awareness and creative expression are the keys to assisting people in taking charge of their lives. The ability to share an experience in the face of uncertainty is its most significant benefit. Hip Hop blended the lyrics and beat “to become a means for seeing, celebrating, experiencing, understanding, confronting, and commenting on life and the world.” This explains how hip-hop gives guidance to people about life. “Hip-Hop, in other words, is a way of living - a culture.” The residents adopted hip-hop culture as a way of life and discovered joy, happiness, and enjoy doing it as it …show more content…

In the 1980s, gang violence was growing thinker, mainly between gangs of the same ethnicity. It was inevitable for people to join gangs because they thought it was their only option. It identifies how horrible society was before hip-hop came along. However, hip-hop gave them an opportunity, a better alternative. The hip-hop culture was growing, and people started to avoid gangs, getting themselves involved in hip-hop culture. This furthers the idea that hip-hop helps people in the community by giving them options for a better life. Not only hip-hop affects the communities of the United States, but it also affects how people can live their

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