Hispanic Heritage Month: Prejudice In Latino Music

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Yasmine Puente Ms. Scott Paper 4 9 April, 2016 English 1320 Spring Movement throughout history in relation to prejudice in Latino music When I was little, my mom introduced me to artists like Mana, Romeo Santos, and Selena Quintanilla that she would listen to when she was growing up. All I can remember from my youth is that even though I liked the beat, I could not really understand the words. Though none of that meant anything to me, my mom was pleased that I was somehow connecting my ethnicities heritage. Though as I grew up saw the impact the music had on American culture. Zachary Stieber states that “Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates a growing segment of the American population and culture. Today, there is more Hispanics in the United…show more content…
Traditional Mexican music was largely defined by a feeling of national identity that was incorporated into Mariachi music after the Mexican Revolution” (Quintana). There is a lot of complication to Latin Music and it is has many layers of Latin music influencing American culture. Tejano music was introduced in the mid-nineteen century, primarily because Hispanics migrated from Spain or Mexico. They renovated the music by adding an accordion. According to the Texas Almanac Tejano music, “most significant innovation, however, was the introduction of the diatonic button accordion by German and Czech immigrants. Tejano musicians were reported playing this instrument by the 1870s (Brakefield).” Lydia Mendoza was one of the first Tejano recording stars ever and was very popular in Latin America and in Texas. Since then the music has grown in view and the way Americans viewed music and the American culture. Our nation really led to the promise it gives immigrants way back…show more content…
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