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5) List the functional characteristics necessary to maintain life in humans. - Maintain boundaries, move, respond to environmental changes, take in and digest nutrients, carry out metabolism, dispose of wastes, reproduce themselves, and grow. 6) List the survival needs of the body. - Nutrients, oxygen, water, and appropriate temperature and atmospheric pressure. 7) Define homeostasis and explain its significance. - Ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions even though the outside world changes continuously. Indicates dynamic state of equilibrium, or a balance, in which internal conditions vary, but always within relatively narrow limits. In general, the body is in homeostasis when its needs are adequately met and it is functioning smoothly. 8) Describe how negative and positive feedback maintain body homeostasis. - Negative feedback mechanisms have the same goal: preventing severe changes within the body. - Positive feedback mechanisms usually control infrequent events that …show more content…

Mammary- Breast 12. Abdominal- Belly 13. Umbilical- Navel 14. Pelvic- Pelvis 15. Inguinal- Groin 16. Pubic- Genital 17. Upper Limb- Upper Arm 18. Acromial- Shoulder 19. Brachial- Arm 20. Antecubital- Inner suface of forearm 21. Antebrachial- Forearm 22. Carpal- Wrist 23. Manus- Hand 24. Palmer- Palm 25. Pollex- Thumb 26. Digital- Finger 27. Lower Limb- Leg 28. Coxal- Hip 29. Femoral- Thigh 30. Patellar- Kneecap 31. Crural- Leg 32. Fibular or Peroneal- Fibula 33. Pedal- Foot 34. Tarsal- Ankle 35. Metatarsal- Anterior Portion of Foot 36. Digital- Toe 37. Hallux- Big Toe 39. Otic- Ear 40. Occipital- Back of Head 41. Cervical 42. Back (dorsal) 43. Scapular- Shoulder blade 44. Vertebral- Spine 45. Lumbar- Flank 46. Sacral- Sacrum 47. Gluteal- Buttocks 48. Perineal- Perineum Upper Limb 49. Olecranal- Elbow Manus 50. Metacarpal- 5 bones of the hand Lower Limb 51. Popliteal- Area Behind Knee 52. Sural- Calf Pedal 53. Calcaneal- Heel 54. Plantar-

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