Hoop Dreams Analysis

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The Movie I chose to review was a documentary named Hoop Dreams. It follows the lives of two star basketball players, Arthur Agee and William Gates, raised in two very different environments. In the documentary director Steve James and co-film makers Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert follow Arthur and William for five years filming their aspirations to make it to the pros. This movie is relevant to the course because of the popular culture items that are included in the movie. I think the majority of black kids grew up wanting to play basketball or be a professional athlete in some aspect. We’d always been taught to idolize basketball players. I wish I would’ve known a little more growing up such as idolizing doctors and lawyers. The film was presented from both Arthur and Williams’ point of views. The intention of the film was to recognize what inner city kids deal with…show more content…
The scouts go into the low-income neighborhoods and promise these kids the world. Big Earl promised Arthur that he the school would pay for everything. Not only did they lie to Arthur, they pretty much destroyed any chance he had at achieving his dream of being a pro basketball player. They knew Arthur’s family wasn’t capable of paying the tuition at that school so there should have been a failsafe. They never presented with Arthur the same deal they presented to William. Arthur was flat out left in the cold. Arthur had no choice in the matter but to leave the school. He didn’t know any better. The scout never disclosed the negative side of the recruited process as the often never do. He never discussed with the parents what would happen if things didn’t work out for Arthur. It’s a sad sorry but also common. I think Arthur should’ve just stayed where he was. He wouldn’t have lost that semester and who knows, he may have thrived at Metro High. The scout did nothing to help Arthur. He was looking out for his pockets and the better interest of the
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