How Did Eddie Rickenbacker Changed The Way War Effort

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Eddie Rickenbacker
World War I changed the way war was viewed and fought forever. New technologies, such as planes, developed along with new strategies to win battles. Two famous American soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for their heroic contributions to American air power during World War I; Frank Luke Jr. (1897-1918) and Eddie Rickenbacker (1890-1973). Although Frank Luke Jr. served gallantly for his country, Eddie Rickenbacker made the more valuable contribution to the American war effort during World War I by being more talented, displaying daring courage, and finally having the will to continue to survive. Both Frank Luke Jr. and Eddie Rickenbacker showed fantastic talent by learning to fly to the first aircraft created for war. Luke was known for his legendary skill and aggressive flying style as a member of the 27th Squadron of the American First Pursuit Group known as "The Fighting Eagles”. “He shot town 18 airplanes and balloons in his short military career” (“2ND LT FRANK LUKE JR.”). Even though these accomplishments set him apart from most other American pilots in World War I, Rickenbacker proved to …show more content…

Eddie Rickenbacker remarkably survived 134 aerial encounters with the enemy, making him the only ace to survive World War I. Luke, did not fare as well, “"Severely wounded, Lieutenant Luke descended to within 50 meters of the ground and, flying at this low altitude near the town of Murvaux, opened fire upon enemy troops, killing six and wounding as many more. Forced to make a landing and surrounded on all sides by the enemy, who called upon him to surrender, he drew his automatic pistol and defended himself gallantly until he fell dead from a wound in the chest" (“2ND LT FRANK LUKE JR.”) This ultimately is what made Eddie Rickenbacker the better soldier, his will to live and fight

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