How Did Germany Cause Ww2

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Around August 1939 the Second World War had started in Europe. The war started off with plans of Germany invading Poland. At the beginning times, the war was more focused around Europe. In 1941, America got involved with Japan and everything kept spreading. Many countries where involved in this war as well, splitting everyone into two groups, the axis powers and the allies. Germany was the main “dictator” invading many other surrounding countries like France, Poland, Norway, etc. Germany formed the axis powers along with Italy and Japan. The axis powers’ goal for each country was similar but yet different. Germany wanted to pretty much take over Europe. Japan wanted demolition of colonial powers and Italy wanted to re-create the Roman Empire. The remaining countries involved in the war formed the allies. The goal of the allies was to stop all this …show more content…

After the biggest seaborne invasion, more and more victories for the allies approach ending in 1945 with the end of the Second World War. Before the war began, in 1933 Adolf Hitler became the chancellor in Germany. This led to all sorts of conflict between other countries, cultures, and society as a whole. Within his rule, Hitler began opposing those of Jewish decent believing they were inferior. Hitler thought that Germans were superior to everyone and that no one else amounted to them. Many theories to why Hitler hated Jews are present today. One theory is that the Jews were the cause of the economic downfall in Germany and that Hitler blamed them for the overall loss of World War I. Another theory was the conformity of race and that only people of Nordic decent were worthy and pure. Whichever the true theory, this led to many impacts on cultures and societies all over. The Jewish culture was looked down upon and many were tortured and killed, leaving Jews to feel inferior and have to hide for their lives just because of their culture. This awoke racism, oppression

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