How Did Hernan Cortes Conquer The Americas

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Hernan Cortes was an explorer and soldier from Spain. He always felt that he could make his future in the Americas. He wanted to explore the new world and take advantage of the new opportunities that he can earn, while he was exploring. Cortes wanted to be something else in life besides an explorer or soldier. He wanted to be a big conquer of the Americas. He believes in virtu and fortuna. He was a very brave and intelligent man. Did he make his dream became true and conquest the Americas?
The first step that Hernan Cortes took was sail to Santo Domingo (now the Dominican Republic) in 1504, his first key achievement came in 1511, when he helped to conquer what is now Cuba with Diego Velazquez. After this Cortes gained a lot of power and good …show more content…

One of Cortés’ men contracted smallpox from a member of the force from Cuba. That soldier died during the Aztec rebellion, and when his body was looted, an Aztec caught the disease, which spread like wildfire because the Aztec people had no immunity to it.
Cortés regrouped and attacked Tenochtitlán in full force in 1521. At that time, the city’s society had crumpled. The Aztecs no longer trusted Montezuma, they were short on food, and the smallpox epidemic was under way. More than 3 million Aztecs died from smallpox, and with such a severely weakened population, it was easy for the Spanish to take Tenochtitlan.
It is uncertain how Montezuma died. Some scholars state that, disgusted with him, the Aztecs stoned him to death. The Aztecs eventually drove the Spanish from the city, but Cortes returned again to defeat them and take the city in 1521. King Charles I of Spain appointed him the governor of New Spain the following year.
Later on Cotes In 1524, governor Cortes went to Honduras to quell a rebellion against him. He stayed for two years, and when he returned to Mexico he found himself removed from power. Cortes traveled to Spain to plead with the king, but he was never again appointed to

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