How Did Martha Becks Make Deadly Women

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Ismel Almonte
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Marth Becks Deadly Women

Martha becks born 1919 and died 1951 at the age of 31. Once was a young child whom suffered from a disease that made her develop quicker than other girls. Along with developing it made her gain weight at an unstoppable rate. As if this wasn’t stressful enough she had an over bearing mother who would ridicule her because of her looks. Martha becks also had a brother whom abused her at the age of ten. All of this mental and physical mistreatment took a toll on Martha, turning her into one of the most well-known female serial killer of her time period.
Martha becks was an intellectual she studied to become a nurse eventually being promoted to supervisor at Pensacola Hospital in Florida. Her career took off and she studied hard, but her love life was at a standstill. After a one-night stand with a soldier in California, she gave birth to a daughter, Willa Dean, in 1944. The father was never heard from again. Her marriage to Alfred Beck was due to a second pregnancy, and they divorced six months later. …show more content…

They had met and stayed with Delphine downing she was a widow who had a two-year-old daughter. Delphine became agitated and annoyed Fernandez drugged her with sleeping pills. The daughter scared and nervous began to cry, becks then was in a panic state and choked the daughter, but didn’t kill her. The daughter was bruised all around the neck. Fernandez thought downing’s would become suspicious if she saw the daughter with bruises so he shot the unconscious women. The couple stayed for several days in the Delphine house, but again enraged by the child’s crying becks drowned her in water. They buried the bodies in the basement, but suspicious neighbors reported the Downing’s' disappearances, leading the police to arrive at the door on March 1, 1949 and arrest Beck and

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