How Did Steve Jobs Revolutionize The World

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Have you ever thought about creating a business or product that could revolutionize the world? That is what Steve Jobs did when he created Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak, in his parents garage. He also revolutionized the animation industry when he created Pixar Animations. In addition, many products that Apple created, changed the way we use technology today, whether it was the iPod, iPad, or the Mac. Even though Steve Jobs's childhood, early, and later adult life had many struggles, he managed to overcome them all and be very successful. Steve Jobs had many struggles throughout his childhood. To start off, Steve Jobs was given up for adoption after his biological mother found out that she was pregnant (Blumenthal 8). He grew up …show more content…

In the beginning he was regularly in fights with his dad when his dad found out that he was smoking marijuana (Blumenthal 28). Jobs and his friend were almost arrested when a telephone operator suspected that they were using a black box (Blumenthal 32). He started to experiment with LSD with his first girlfriend Chrisann Brennan (Blumenthal 34). He disobeyed his father and rented a room to live with his girlfriend (Blumenthal 34). He dropped out of Reed college, after only attending one semester (Blumenthal 41). After he dropped out, he was very poor (Blumenthal 41). After dropping out of college, he stayed there as a drop in for eighteen months (Jobs 1). He did not have a room to sleep in (Jobs 1). He had to sleep on the floor in friends dorm rooms (Jobs 1). He returned coke bottles for five cents every day, just to make ends meet (Jobs 1). He walked seven miles across town every Sunday to gain one good meal at the Hare Krishna temple (Jobs 1). When Jobs just turned thirty, he was suddenly fired from Apple, the company he created (Jobs 1). Apples board of directors sided with Sculley over Jobs (Blumenthal 128). Jobs ran up an estimated fifty million dollars in debt for NeXT (Blumenthal 142). His father passed away at the age of seventy on March 1993 (Blumenthal 159). On October 2003, Jobs found out that he had pancreatic cancer (Blumenthal 226). He denied surgery to remove the cancer …show more content…

He created Apple in his parents garage (Muca 1). He created Apple on April 1st, 1976, (Blumenthal 61). When Apple was formed, it was worth 5,309 dollars, after a year it was worth three million (Blumenthal 89). By the time he was twenty-four, he was worth ten million (Blumenthal 190). On March 1985, he earned the first medal of technology and innovation (Blumenthal 127). He formed two new companies called NExT and Pixar (Blumenthal 135). In 1986, Jobs purchased the graphics group from Lucasfilm, which later became Pixar (Sun 1). Pixar created seven films during Job's life (Muca 1). Another success is when Jobs married Laurene Powell on March 18, 1991 (Blumenthal 148). Apple purchased NExT, for 429 million dollars (Sun 1). This allowed Jobs to return to Apple and become the permanent CEO (Sun 1). In 2006, he sold Pixar to Disney for 7.5 billion dollars (Muca 1). Pixar now holds over 2,000 employees (Muca 1). Ten years after Apple was formed, it was worth two billion with over 4,000 employees (Jobs 1). When it started, Apple shares were worth four dollars, now they are worth 500 dollars (Sun 1). The iPod revolutionized the way people listen to music, and became a must have for music lovers (Muca 1). Lastly, Toy Story brought in twenty-nine million on the first week (Blumenthal 169). These successes made such a huge impression on the world that Steve Jobs will always be remembered for generations to

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