What Are Steve Jobs Major Accomplishments

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Steve Jobs is known for being a very accomplished man in technology, but he had to work hard for all that he achieved. As the CEO of Apple, Jobs would oversee the creation of Apple Computers and the first Apple phone, but he would first have to overcome adversity along the way. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, and was adopted a week after he was born. He was raised in Silicon Valley in Cupertino, California but he was born in San Francisco,
California. His birth parents were unwed and not fit for kids. They did eventually get married. Later in his life, he found out that he had a sister. His sister was Mona Simpson, who was a novelist. His adoptive parents were Paul and Clara Jobs. They had a daughter together named, Patricia Anna Jobs. He knew he had birth parents but treated his adoptive parents as his birth parents. He treated his education very serious but he knew he wanted to do one of his hobbies as a job. His hobbies were engineering, and building things. He went to college for 1 year and dropped out to start his career. He started working for the Atari Corporation as a video game designer in 1974. Later he saved enough money to quit working and …show more content…

He had an endless outside of the box mind. Jobs never let anything get in his was of what he wanted. He was poor and wealthy throughout his life. Steve Job’s had many people love him and hated him, he was a known man through the country. Even though Steve Jobs was fired from the company he started, nothing stopped him from creating what he loved. Job’s went through many Jobs as a video game maker, and a traveler to help people and learn about them. Learning about Job’s story, at a young age, he wanted to build something that could not only be a great deal for him but to helps other people and makes their lives easier. Now Apple is bigger and better than ever before with sleek finishing touches and many products. Jobs was an inspiration for many

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