Walter Gropius In Architecture

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'We want to create the purely organic building, boldly emanating its inner laws, free of untruths or ornamentation. ' Walter Gropius

Modernism design came in many forms from door handles to influential architectural feats. The Machine age made artists think differently and influence design today. In the following essay, I will analysis the work of Walter Gropius, an early modern German architect and how his designs had an impact on an improving society and his moral ideas. I will also discuss whether Modernist ideas and principles may still be relevant to contemporary design through the work of Gropius.

Walter Gropius is one of the most well known architects of the early modern era. he was born berlin in 1883 and went on to study architecture in the technical university in Munich but struggled early on as he found drawing difficult. This resulted in Gropius needing an assistant to his homework but was unable to receive a degree. After a short spell with the army, he worked briefly in an architectural office in Berlin following his childhood dream and the …show more content…

It soon had a major influence on the development of modern architecture around the world. The building it self features a combined construction of brick columns, concrete floors and steel which supported glass external walls. I believe this to be Gropius best piece of architecture because of his use of materials as a functional design. He always felt that there should be a social aspect to architectural design, that improving on working conditions through increased daylight and fresh would lead to better workmanship. These changes in design can still be seen today in most modern skyscrapers and futuristic style buildings., became inseparable from the vocabulary of Modernism and remain common principles in contemporary construction. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in

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