How Do Leaders Use Integrated Perspectives In A Dynamic Environment?

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Advancing Cultural Mindset and Integration
Mergers and acquisition brings unprecedented challenges that require leaders to face situations that are complex (House, Hanges, Javidan, Dorfman, & Gupta, 2004). After a merger or acquisition, leaders need workers that is committed to the new structure (Richards, 2004). This essay discusses how leaders use integrated perspectives in a dynamic environment. The paper then explores different negotiation strategies leaders uses to gain support for ideas and perspectives. Last, the article discusses communication strageties that is appropriate for diverse culture after a merger. Integrated varied Perspectives
When one organization acquire another company through merger or acquisition, a marriage of cultures take place. The leader or the one who becomes the new leader is viewed as an enemy or a hero (Bangari, 2014). The new leader must develop a system dynamic perspective to understand how the two organizations can work as one (Bloodgood, Hornsby, Burkemper, & Sarooghi, 2015). According to Bloodgood et al. (2015) a system dynamics mindset explores the multifaceted workings of an organization. Bloodgood et al. also suggested a system perspective of corporate entrepreneurship for merging companies because leaders are in the …show more content…

According to Hu and Liden, a prosocially motivated worker contributes to benefit of others which makes a prosocially motivated team engaged in behavior that benefit the organization. With a new merger of cultures, team prosocial motivation is suited to promote interaction and facilitate team cooperation, to allow different philosophies and viewpoints within the new team structure. Trust between team members become stronger which enhance team members’ willingness to work together to produce better output (Hu & Liden, 2015). Last, team members need effective negotiation strategies to push their ideas and perspectives to the

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