How Do Social Media Use Social Networking Sites Cause Mental Disorders?

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Do you find yourselves unable to pry your eyes away from your phones whenever you at free? With the steadfast development of technology which introduced Social Networking Sites (SNS), everywhere you look, people are all busy with their phones, whether is it walking, on the train back home or even when one is having meals. Over the previous two decades, numerous issues have arose regarding the connection between social media use and mental health problems. Facebook, which has the highest ranking score of users leads a pack of over 1.591 billion active users in a month (Smith, 2016) Several studies have identified a relationship between increased use of social media and growth of mental health issues in the population, such as depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia and narcissistic personality disorder So does using social networking sites such as Facebook cause mental health disorders? The purpose of this essay is to find out how using social sites is associated to the mental health of the population and if it causes mental health disorders.
In 1998, Kraut et al. published one of the first findings on the problems of social media use and mental health, with the results showing that activities …show more content…

A recent paper, Jelenchick, Eickhoff, and Moreno (2012) in their studies, conducted a real-time assessment of social media use and an authenticated medical screening tool for depression, found no relationship between social media use and depression in a sample of the population. While other studies found that higher levels of social media use is related with lower levels of well-being and self-worth. Social networking addiction has shown to be positively associated to social interactions being decreased (Smahel et al., 2012), developing depression (Yen, et al., 2007) and lessen self-esteem (Akın and Iskender, 2011; Kraut et al., 1998

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