How Does Harper Lee Use Stereotypes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mocking bird, by Harper Lee is one of the most well known and bestselling novels in America. The novel is about a young girl named Scout, her brother named Jem, and their friend named Dill, all eager to investigate Boo Radley, the neighborhood phenomenon. It tells the court battle between Tom Robinson and the court. How he so called raped Mayella, a Ewell. Then it just tells the story of two siblings, scout and Jem, and their journey throughout the novel. Harper Lee used prejudice and stereotyping in the novel to make an image for the reader to let them comprehend how time was in the 1930s during The Great Depression. Racial, social, and gender are all the types of prejudice and stereotyping in the novel. The novel is based on a …show more content…

The way people from a higher class acted towards people who were poor, which was quite allot because of great depression, was bad because they just would assume that they weren't equal, that they e lower and did not deserve the same level of respect the received. Calpurnia, Scout and Jem's cook and maid, taught scout otherwise when Walter Ewell, a poor kid, came over for dinner as scout states, "He ain't company, Cal, He's just a Cunningham."(Lee 24) Scout stated that after she made fun of how Walter Cunningham ate, but Calpurnia thought her a lesson. Scouts problem was that she thought they were better because of their social stance. Calpurnia stated, "Hush your mouth! Yo folks might be better'n the Cunningham's but it don't count for nothin' the way you're digracin''em."(Lee 67) The moral lesson that Cal was trying to teach Scout was that she needed to respect people's differences, even if you think you're better than them. Acting like your better is the best way to show that you're …show more content…

The novel took place in Maycomb, Alabama during the 1930s so women were not really thought to be equal, they cooked, cleaned, and took care of the kids, but they didn't expect more from them. Jem, at a young age was already showing gender inequality towards Scout when he yelled at her, "Scout, I'm telling you for the last time, shut your trap or go home."(Lee 34) This example shows how jem doesn't treat scout fairly, how he screams at her and bosses her around because she is younger and a girl. Even though men treated woman differently, they did give woman the respect the deserved. During the 1930s in Maycomb, Alabama you could go to jail just for cussing in front of the presence of a woman. "Saying a cuss word in the presence of a woman can get you thrown in jail..."(Lee 45) said Atticus. This example shows that men were suppose to treat women with respect, that they deserved respect. In the 1930s, women weren't suppose to do a lot of stuff but were given the respect the

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