How Does Soccer Changed My Life

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I play soccer for the Oakridge Soccer Club. I have been playing soccer since I was five years of age. When I first started playing Soccer I had a coach who used to go by the motto “every shot u miss, is a miss towards life.”
Soccer is one of the two only sports I play and when I’m on the field I feel confident in myself because, if you show courage and confidence you will achieve your goal in life and even though my goal may not be to make goal for soccer my goal is to become a Soccer leader. I want to be a captain who talks to the referees during a game when our team has a problem, concern, or question. In other words, I believe soccer has changed my life and became an ongoing achievement in my life, that will forever stay in my heart forever.
When I am at practice I think about the possibility that my team is not only our team, but they are my …show more content…

You should never bunch up on the ball or pass the ball into the middle of the field, then you are already destined to lose the soccer game. You should always try to attempt a through ball so that your team can get on the other side of the other team 's defensemen line. When possible to get the soccer ball behind the defense line, then there is only one thing that could stop you and that is the goalie, well and the chance of missing the goalie box completely. Your basic goal is to get the soccer ball in the opposing team’s net. You also are suppose to be a winning team with the most amount of points.
I am one those people who are scared to do something in a game and get laughed at so, I have not done the realistic thing and have not taken the shot of taking a risk of setting up a shot to make a goal into the net, I have been given at least twenty attempts to make a goal. The best feeling you could have is making a goal for the first time in your entire life, especially if you have been determining to make one for the last twelve years of your entire

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