How Is Genghis Khan Justified

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Genghis Khan is guilty due to his ruthless attitudes toward societies, his repulsive methods of murder, and the state in which they left conquered cities. He left traces of destruction wherever he went and was detrimental to the success of states during that time.

First, Khan destroyed many innocent civilizations in order to expand his empire. If there was a society in the way of the Mongol Empire, then it did not stand a chance against them. He “offered” them the choice to either surrender peacefully or the mongols would attack them with no remorse. He claims that in doing this he cause trade to increase and was a positive strategy for both his empire and the conquered lands. Though this has been proven to be incorrect by many of the prosecution witnesses most notably Qutuz who expressed that his raids were “horribly destructive” and “did more harm than good”. The defense stated that by rejecting the notion to surrender they put they are putting their territory into danger. Although this is true, most leaders would feel that it is necessary to keep all of their hard work that they have established and not surrender.

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Many highly established governments were demolished to nothing. As stated by Qutuz, “thousands of years of knowledge was burned”. This means that the Mongols did not value the accomplishments of the societies. This also means that some some civilizations were completely wiped from history. As most of their history was stored in libraries, the destruction of these meant the loss of history forever. They also plundered the wealth of many territories. Although they claimed to have boosted economic prosperity through the increased safety of the silk road, there is no point in doing that if there is no cities to trade along the routes. Genghis Khan destroyed these cities, left them in a state of ruin, and erase their existence from

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