How To Be A Registered Nurse Essay

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The Story of My Search Do you think a registered nurse is the right career for you? A registered nurse is also known as a RN. There are different titles I can have for being an RN. I can have my ASN which is my associate’s degree, BSN which is my bachelor’s degree, and I can have your MSN which is my master’s degree. A registered nurse saves a life almost daily. I love helping people and if I hold the degree of a RN I could do just that. I have always wanted to know what it was like to be in the field around so many different people and different cultures concerned about the lives of others more than I am are concerned about my own. I wonder what it is like working long shifts with people that have had a bad day, and will I be able to conduct myself in a way that does not affect my job. The first place that I looked…show more content…
The education required for this job is to have at least an associate’s degree which can take two years at a community college. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are also important and you could possibly make more money than having an associate’s degree. A bachelor or master’s degree could be done at a university and will take up four to six years. An education is always important when it comes down to a person dealing with another person’s health. Salary is important because I obviously would like to know what I am going to make before pursuing my career. The average annual wage for a registered nurse is $71,000 dollars. The average hourly wage is $34.14 an hour. Lastly, the average annual range is between $46,360 dollars to $101,630 dollars. Each annual, hourly, or the annual range could be higher or lower just depending on your level of education and the location of your job. Next, while doing my research, I have found the type of school I am interested in going to for my education and training (MS

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